SSS Make up Race Date

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The make up race for the rained out race on 8/13/16 will be on 8/27/16. We will have 2 SSS races that day (NOT DOUBLE POINTS). The scheduled race followed by the make up race. These 2 races will follow the 2 Jr Dragster races. The Jr Dragster races will begin at 1 PM. This should put the FULL sized cars on time for their 2 races The rained out race from 6/11/16 will be cancelled from the schedule with no make up date.
We have the Team Final Tech cards at the track. Anyone planning to attend the Summit Super Series Team Finals in San Antonio have to have one of these filled out by you and the car teched by our inspector prior to going..

Summit Super Series Dates

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Our Summit Super Series Bracket Series Dates for 2016:
March 26th
April 2nd & 23rd
May 7th
July 23rd
August 13th & 27th
Total of 7 races
There are 4 races at Pine Valley that coincide with our SSS Brackets. I tried not to do it, but could not prevent it.


2014 Diaper Rule

In 2013 we lost many of our racers and spectators, during our races, due to clean-up time from oil downs. These oil downs cause a serious safety hazard for our drivers as well as the down time. After talking to several race tracks and careful consideration, we are implementing this new rule. We are in hopes this will help control our oil downs and have less down time.

Effective Date – March 1, 2014: Any vehicle that has race tires will be required to have an engine diaper or an engine containment device (belly pan). If you choose not to have one of these devices, and oil-down the track, there will be a $100 per half hour clean-up charge. If this charge is not paid the day of the oil-down you will be banned from the track until which time the charges are paid in full. If you have one of these devices and oil-down the track, there will not be clean-up charges.

We don’t have Engine Diapers for sale, in the office, at this time. You can get them at Gary Watson Racing in Beaumont (409) 842-3278

Press Release for Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway

Please call us if you need leasing information or rental for private testing at (409) 276-1910.

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We will be participating in the IHRA Summit Super Series Brackets for 2016. We will remain an IHRA sanctioned track, so applicable safety rules will still be enforced.

We really appreciate all the loyal racers, spectators, track sponsors, as well as race sponsors that stepped up and helped with some of the payouts on special events in the past.

Thanks Management,
Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway