Press Release for Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway

Please call us if you need leasing information or rental for private testing at (409) 276-1910.

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We will be participating in the IHRA Summit Super Series Brackets for 2015. We will remain an IHRA sanctioned track, so applicable safety rules will still be enforced.

We really appreciate all the loyal racers, spectators, track sponsors, as well as race sponsors that stepped up and helped with some of the payouts on special events in the past.

Thanks Management,
Ben Bruce Memorial Airpark Raceway

Bracket Races!

All Summit Super Series Bracket Racers will have to have & Display their IHRA “X” numbers on their cars to win Summit Points. ****All Numbers (including Bracket DIAL IN’S) need to be on the LEFT SIDE and right front windshield so the Tower persons can  see  them.

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