Bracket Racing Times for 2016

The following times are subject to change due to delays, such as wrecks, oil downs, etc. Due to confusion and congestion, the following rules have been Implemented.

Times may vary for special races, for example: Tx vs La Shootout & etc

Junior Dragsters will start @ 2:30 pm & finish before the BIG CARS start!!

There will be 2 guaranteed time trials for the bracket races. Time trial 1 will be at 5:00 pm. Time trial 2 will include the Reaction Time Challenge at 5:45. The Bracket Races 1st Round Elimination: 1st call will be @ 6:30 pm for Box Class, and No Box. Race starts @ 6:45 pm. Box in lanes 1 & 2…No Box lanes 3 & 4, Second round, Box Class lanes 1 & 2. No Box 3 & 4. Starting with round 3 and remaining rounds will be laddered. There will be a Driver meeting in front of Tech for lane assignments. A driver could get a second bye run due to the Laddered Field starting with round 3.

Please be IN the lanes prior to these start times. Check the lights on the rear of the Stands: Green Light – No Box…. Yellow Light – BOX. The appropriate lights on the back of the stands, will be turned on when the announcer makes first call. It is time to come to the staging lanes when these lights are on. Once the field is set the lights will be turned off **DON’T BE LATE** or you’ll miss your race & no refunds will be given. Buy backs, only after 1st round $15.00 paid at the TECH building. If YOU BREAK during the race and YOU ARE IN THE BRACKETS, PLEASE go to tech and have tech call the tower, to inform them you are out of the race.

Second Round:
There will be NO separation between buy backs and winners of 1st round.
Box Class line up in lanes 1 & 2.
No Box line up in lanes 3 & 4.
(unless otherwise directed)

Reaction Time Challenge winner, is the person in each class that has the best legal reaction time during this Challenge. It is a winner take all one round, .500 sportsman tree race. Anyone in the bracket race may enter at the front gate for $10 as you come in. The Reaction Time Challenge will be during the 2nd time trial.


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