Bracket Races!

All Summit Super Series Bracket Racers will have to have & Display their IHRA “X” numbers on their cars to win Summit Points. ****All Numbers (including Bracket DIAL IN’S) need to be on the LEFT SIDE and right front windshield so the Tower persons can  see  them.

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All runs will be 1/8 mile.

  1. Drivers get 10 point for show up. 10 Points per round win. If you loose the 1st round, and buy back, you will not earn points for round 1 but you will earn 10 point per round win, beginning with round 2. The Event winner will receive 10 points +2 Bonus points for winning. The runner up will receive one (1) point for runner up.

The entry fee for Reaction Time Challenge of $10.00 & the Bracket Race entry fee will be collected at the FRONT GATE as you come in using colored Tech Cards. Buy Backs only after 1st round of $15.00 for full sized cars, Jrs ($10) will be paid at the Tech Building.

Bracket Racer Entry Fee:
Box Division & Box Motorcycle: $65.00
No Box & Motorcycle Division: $50.00
Jr. Dragsters: $25.00

Reaction Time Challenge (RTC): $10.00
2nd round of time trials will be the RTC
This is no longer a separate round.

1 Buy Back after 1st round for all classes.
Cars will be laddered after 2nd round.

Junior Dragster:  $10.00 Buy Back after 1st round (that goes to winner)
60 /40 Split of $10.00 of the $25.00 Entry Fee per car thru 11 cars. Guaranteed pay out with at least 12 cars, in the Jr. bracket race.

*Guaranteed Win pay out with at least 8 cars, in the bracket race, in each class of full size cars. Click here to see the payout charts!

Trans Brakes & 2 steps are allowed in the No Box Class

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