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For membership or licensing questions, please contact Donna Harper:
Phone (419) 660-4219
Email:  dharper@ihra.comSummitTeamFinals2013

Important Drivers License Reminder

When applying for or renewing a license with IHRA, please attach a copy of your valid state driver’s license to the form.

If you are at an IHRA Nitro Jam or Pro Am event and either need to apply for an IHRA license or renew your IHRA license, please be sure to bring your valid state driver’s license with you to the IHRA Tech Trailer for inspection.

If you cannot show a valid state driver’s license, you will be unable to participate at the event.

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To earn points in the Summit Super Series you must have and display your IHRA “X” number on your car.Division4-Renegades



This program will crown a true Top (Box), Mod (No Box) and Junior Dragster World Champion.  There are two ways to gain entry into the Summit SuperSeries World Championship race.  You can qualify for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship by either winning the Summit Super Series track championship at your participating IHRA member track OR by winning the Summit Team Finals main event in your division.

1)  WIN THE SUMMIT SUPERSERIES AT YOUR PARTICIPATING IHRA TRACK.  Each track will crown a Summit SuperSeries track champion who will then move on to race at the IHRA Summit World Finals for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship presented by AMSOIL.  The Summit SuperSeries World Championship will take place in October 2016 at Memphis International Raceway.

How it works…

Summit SuperSeries Step #1

* Join the IHRA Summit SuperSeries for Top and Mod and Juniors which includes IHRA membership benefits, Summit SuperSeries license, then request a special registration number (commonly called the X Number). The second digit of the number will be the letter X. On Junior Dragsters it is the last digit. This competition membership will allow you to participate in the Summit SuperSeries at your home track.

* If you are running a car in Top (Box) and another car in Mod (No Box), you must register and get X numbers for both vehicles.  The same car may not be registered for Summit SuperSeries points in multiple classes.  A competitor may only compete with one X number per class at any given facility.

* If you have a full membership in IHRA that will be current through the 2016 season already, simply call and register for your competition or X number for $10.

Summit SuperSeries Step #2

* Sign up for the track points at your participating IHRA Summit SuperSeries track.

Summit SuperSeries Step #3

* Race at your local IHRA track while running your Summit SuperSeries X number. Your Summit SuperSeries eligibility does not begin until you register with IHRA and run the X number as your car number at your home track. Your X number must show up on your home track points page all year long. Failure to run the X number on your car or failure of your number appearing on your home tracks point page will make you ineligible for the Summit SuperSeries even if you have a registered X number on file with IHRA. Failure to maintain a current membership all season will result in a deduction in points for the events your membership was expired.

Summit SuperSeries Step #4

* Become the Summit SuperSeries Champion as determined by your track (see your home track for details on the method they use to determine the championship as each track may be different). You will then be eligible to participate at the Summit SuperSeries World Championships during the Summit World Finals at Memphis International Raceway.

2)  WIN THE SUMMIT TEAM FINALS MAIN EVENT CHAMPIONSHIP.  Each region will host a Summit Team Finals event for every IHRA division.  Any Summit SuperSeries competitor that has an IHRA membership and “X” number registered and valid according to IHRA records from at least May 1, 2016 through your division’s 2016 Summit Team Finals event and can win the 2016 Summit Team Finals main event championship in their division will become eligible for the Summit SuperSeries World Championship race.

To be considered eligible after winning the Summit Team Finals main event, a competitor will be verified by IHRA as having met Step #1 through Step #3 above, no different than the Summit SuperSeries track champion had to have met in order to be eligible.  A 14 day renewal grace period will be granted for X number registrations that expire between May 1st and your Summit Team Finals event.  If your registration is not renewed within a 14 day period from the expiration date you will not be eligible for the Summit Super Series World Championship should you win the Summit Team Finals.

Participant Guidelines  


1) Summit SuperSeries points will not begin until you are registered with BOTH IHRA and your local track and running your X number on your vehicle with it appearing on your home tracks points page.

2) Racers in Top, Mod, Street, Bike and Junior Dragster are eligible (based on participating track’s discretion).

3) A racer may compete for the Summit SuperSeries track championship at more than one track. Should one racer win the SSS championship at two different tracks, they will have to declare the track they will represent prior to the Summit Team Finals. Once the track has been selected, the remaining tracks will be able to submit their next highest eligible SSS competitor as their representative. A racer may only have one entry and represent only one track with regard to the SSS championship run-off.

4) There will be no double entry for a competitor that may win the SSS track championship and his Summit Team Finals event.  If a competitor qualifies for both the Summit Super Series and Summit Tournament Of Champions, they may not race the same car in each program.

5)  There are no substitutions for a Summit SuperSeries track champion or for a Summit Team Finals champion if that competitor chooses not to attend the Summit World Finals. The only way a track could replace their Summit SuperSeries track champion is based on the criteria of Participant Guideline #3 (above)

6) The race for the World Championship will be run on an 1/8 mile format. Crosstalk will be used and will always be active in Top. The use of trans brakes, two steps and automated shifters in the Mod category is permitted. The use of Delay boxes is prohibited in Mod. Throttle stops are not permitted in either class. The use of nitrous is permitted in both the Top and Mod classes. If a bike or sled wins they will run against cars.

7) The competitors will be run on a random pull card system until a ladder is generated at 16 cars.  If there is a bye run it will go to the best reaction time from qualifying (if for 1st round) or from the previous elimination round during eliminations. Lane choice will be determined from the lane you choose or if there are only one lane of cars left by an IHRA official card pull.

8) IHRA Motorsports employees, team members, staff and IHRA track owners/operators/ managers are not eligible.

9) 2015 IHRA TOC World Champions and NHRA World Champions are not eligible.

10) “Gifted Rounds” are not permitted. Racers receiving ‘dives’ or ‘gifted’ rounds as determined solely by IHRA will be disqualified. To take advantage of the Summit SuperSeries program, please see the track manager of your local IHRA track for complete registration details.


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