Important Notices

Racing Results
We try to send all hometown newspapers the results from each Saturday race. If there is a paper that you know of and we are not sending them our results, please feel free to let us know. We will be more than glad to send them the results. Please get us a fax number or an email address. Just drop it off at the track or email us here.

Pit Information
Just so all the racers will know
… We have stripes on the asphalt showing the parking areas on the left side of the pits. Each car will be allowed 25 ft., the vehicle towing the trailer & only one crew vehicle. If there are any questions, please give us a call. The asphalt and concrete pad areas are on the left as you come into the pits are reserved for motor coaches & those with enclosed trailers ONLY. These vehicles can not use the grass area, due to the drop-off. Parallel parking is NOT allowed!

Track Numbers and IHRA Stickers
All racers may come to the track office and speak with Donna to obtain their permanent track numbers & IHRA stickers at no charge. All Numbers(including bracket dial-in’s) need to be on the left side & the right side of the windshield.

All Summit Super Series bracket racers will have to have & display their IHRA “X” numbers on their cars to win Summit Points.