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IHRA News Release

(November 20, 2014) – In a continued effort to grow its sportsman programs and continue to provide an abundance of options for its competitors, the International Hot Rod Association is pleased to announce a brand new, entry-level sportsman index class that will be run at select events in 2015.

The new class, currently labeled the No Throttle Stop (NTS) 11.50 class, will be run at four events in 2015 and will feature entry-level, heads-up index racing for racers without the need for additional expenditures.

“This class will be a way to introduce heads-up racing to a large number of No Box competitors who want to try ‘old school’ index racing without major changes to their vehicles,” said Skooter Peaco, VP of Race Operations. “We will be testing the viability of the class in four distinct regions on the IHRA’s Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series. We look forward to seeing how this class develops throughout the year.”

The NTS 11.50 class will be run in conjunction with the Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series events at San Antonio Raceway (March 13-14), Bradenton Motorsports Park (April 17-18), Maryland International Raceway (June 19-20) and US 131 Motorsports Park (August 7-8) and will provide a great new option for No Box racers to compete during IHRA national event weekends.

Among the major rules for the new class, NTS 11.50 will prohibit delay boxes and throttle stops, while mechanical fixed or “restrictor plate” style methods of slowing the car will be allowed. To help grow the class, IHRA memberships will not be required for the first year.

“We really wanted this class to be a way to enter the world of heads-up racing in a basic and simple fashion. It is very intimidating to jump into Hot Rod racing given that this has not been an ‘entry level’ class for some time,” Peaco said. “We all talk about the lack of new blood in our sport, so collectively we thought it was a good time to do something about it. My hope is that this class will appeal to a large group of current No Box racers who may find that they enjoy index racing and, in the process, create a true way to bring new racers to national event style racing.”

Winners of the NTS 11.50 class will be awarded an Ironman and $1,000, with the runner-up receiving $500. During its trial run, the NTS 11.50 class will be a non-points earning class and racers that enter the class will not be allowed to compete in other Pro-Am Tour classes.

For more information and a complete set of rules for the NTS 11.50 class, visit to view the IHRA Supplemental Rulebook.

Larry Crum
Public & Media Relations Manager
International Hot Rod Association

Racing Results
We try to send all hometown newspapers the results from each Saturday race. If there is a paper that you know of and we are not sending them our results, please feel free to let us know. We will be more than glad to send them the results. Please get us a fax number or an email address. Just drop it off at the track or email us here.

Pit Information
Just so all the racers will know
… We have stripes on the asphalt showing the parking areas on the left side of the pits. Each car will be allowed 25 ft., the vehicle towing the trailer & only one crew vehicle. If there are any questions, please give us a call. The asphalt and concrete pad areas are on the left as you come into the pits are reserved for motor coaches & those with enclosed trailers ONLY. These vehicles can not use the grass area, due to the drop-off. Parallel parking is NOT allowed!

Track Numbers and IHRA Stickers
All racers may come to the track office to obtain their permanent track numbers at no charge. All Numbers(including bracket dial-in’s) need to be on the left side glass & the right side of the windshield.

All Summit Super Series bracket racers will have to have & display their IHRA “X” numbers on their cars to win Summit Points.