Track Rules


Door Cars Only.
Any Combinations Allowed at any Weight.
No Throttle Stops Allowed in Car.
No Delay Boxes Allowed in Car.
No Deep Staging.
.400 Auto Pro Tree for All Index Classes.
Times Will Be Posted.
Eliminations are All Run
Qualified by ET
If Double Breakout – Closest to index wins.

Bracket Eliminator Elapsed Times

 Jr. Dragsters

Jr Class will be combined as an all run this year.

1. 5 – 9 years of age – 12.90 ET –Slower – Beginner (see IHRA Rule Book)

2. 10 -17 years of age – 8.90 ET – Slower – Advanced (see IHRA Rule Book)

3. 12 -17 years of age -7.90 ET – Slower – Master (see IHRA Rule Book )

Jr. Dragster Pro Class (Outlaw 330) will be run in a separate class because of the Pro Tree

All drivers must not dial quicker than their license allow. (see IHRA Rule Book )


Electronics (Box) – 7.00 ET – 12.99 ET
No Electronics (No Box) 8.0 ET – 22.00 ET

2016 SSS Point Series/Bracket Rules

The entry fee to be in the SSS is $60.00 + $30 sign-up. This is a one time fee each year. IHRA has a complete set of Summit SuperSeries rules & requirements.@

Enrollment for the Summit Super Series point series is done in the track office. All SSS drivers must have an IHRA competition license, membership & X number and have it on their car to earn SSS points.

It is at the track management’s discretion to disqualify any participant who’s conduct, behavior, and/or demeanor is such that they would operate a vehicle in a hazardous or un-sportsmanlike manner and will not receive any refunds of any sort.

Trans Brakes & 2 steps ARE allowed in the No Box Class.

Drivers in all classes that are in the Summit SuperSeries are required to purchase an IHRA competition license, membership & number. The driver is required to use the IHRA number. Numbers have to be at least 4” tall.

The points are earned according to the number displayed on the vehicle. Should a driver change vehicles during the season, his or her permanent number must be on that vehicle.

Anyone can race in either the SSS or Track Bracket Races. No SSS points will be accumulated without an IHRA “X” number and it displayed on the vehicle.