Track Rules


  1. Drivers get 1 point for show up. 2 Points per round win. If you are a buy back after the 1st round, you will not earn points for round 1 but you will earn 1 point per round win, beginning with round 2.
  2. All numbers and dial-ins are to be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle and right side windshield. The numbers have to be legible for the tower crew. (4″ tall)
  3. Points will be given in Eliminations unless there is a no points special event. Drivers will be notified if points are not given at a special event.
  4. A driver may not drive more than 1 car in the same eliminator. No swaping DRIVERS!!!
  5. Points will be awarded to the driver and may not be transferred, even if the driver changes eliminator.
  6. Buy backs allowed only after 1st round.
  7. There will be Two Guaranteed Bracket Time Trials. A driver will not be allowed to get into the Test & Tune lanes (3 & 4) after the Two Guaranteed Bracket Time Trials. Should a driver decide not to do either of the 2 Guaranteed time trials or missed them, that person will not be considered for a bye run in the first Elimination round in the event of an odd number of cars.
  8. For the Two Guaranteed Bracket Time Trials, come to the staging lanes when you’re called and the appropriate colored light comes on, on the back of the stands. If a driver misses the 1st and 2nd round of time trials, he will be allowed to get into the Test & Tune lanes. Should anyone decide to get into the Test & Tune Lanes (3 & 4), make as many passes as you feel you can. However if a driver has made the 1st or 2nd time trial or both cannot get into the test and tune lanes. If you can not make the call for the race due to being hung up in the T & T lanes there will be no refund given and the race will start without you. However you may buy back for the second round if this happens.
  9. Junior Dragster— All runs will be 1/8 mile. 7.90, 8.90 and 12.90 ET, no electronics – will run in appropriate IHRA specifics, including updated equipment, helmets, and drivers suits,  gloves. Arm restraints and seat belts must be, and remain intact throughout race, from entrance of the car until you return to the pit area.