Track Rules

2015 Bracket Race Procedures

All competitors entered will be given 2 time trials. Late arrivals are only allowed one (1) time trial before eliminations begin, if time permits.

Bracket Racer Entry Fee:

Box Division & Box Motorcycle: $65.00

No Box & Motorcycle Division: $50.00

Jr. Dragsters: $25.00

Reaction Time Challenge(RTC) : $10.00
(The winner of the RTC will be determined during the 2nd Time Trial)

Box & No Box & Jr. Dragster: 1 Buy Back only after 1st round

Junior Dragster:  $10.00 Buy Back after 1st round (goes to winner)
60 /40 Split of $10.00 of the $25.00 Entry per car thru 11 cars. Guaranteed pay out with at least 12 cars, in the Jr. bracket race.

*Guaranteed pay out with at least 8 cars, in the bracket race, in each class of full size cars. Click here to see the payout charts!

  1. Time trials will be run by class, out of their designated lanes.
  2. Pairing for eliminations will be determined using the coin system for rounds 1 & 2.   Remaining rounds will be laddered. There will be a Driver meeting in front of Tech for lane assignments after Round 2 and each round after.
  3. No racer shall receive two bye runs unless all other remaining racers have had one bye run. Competition bye runs (paired opponent cannot make the call) do not count as a bye run.
  4. Courtesy staging is in effect during all points races except for Jr. Dragsters. If a car stages before both cars have pre-staged, the car will be backed out of the lights (one time only) and both cars will then re-stage.
  5. No deep staging is allowed.(except Jr Dragsters)
  6. Jr. Dragster crew members will fire the car up when the two (2) cars before them have pre-staged. A maximum of 3 push-backs and 1 engine restart will be allowed prior to staging. Once the dragster has lit the pre-stage bulb, no crew member will be allowed to touch the vehicle.
  7. No driver may change vehicles once eliminations have began.
  8. A driver may change vehicles before eliminations have began, as long as that vehicle is not entered in the same class during the event. The tower must be notified of these changes.
  9. All dial-ins must be visible after crossing the front of the staging lanes. Dial-ins cannot be changed after the number has been called to the tower. Jr. Dragster’s drivers may not change their dial-in after the first pair of Jr. Dragsters have staged.
  10. Reaction times and intermediate times are given as a courtesy to the driver and no races will be re-run over disputed times.
  11. It is the sole responsibility of the driver to check his or her dial-in before staging. Once both cars have pre-staged, it is a race.
  12. License Runs: We have always supported our license applicants by offering drivers unlimited access to the track and will continue to do so in lanes 1 & 2 every test & tune Saturday.
  13. Time Trails Only & Exhibition Runs: Some drivers attend our Saturday events in an effort to make only time trial or exhibition runs (test & tune). We understand that not all drivers and/or cars attend our Saturday events to compete in our bracket race. However, Saturday is our RACE DAY.